Ordering Online with Brookvale Meats.

To ensure our online customers enjoy the same high standard of product quality and freshness as our in-store customers, we tend not pre-package our online orders. In providing a flexible online shopping environment much like our store, all our orders are cut and prepared as we receive them. Some items, primarily offal or carcases will have been frozen to ensure feshness upon delivery…these include beef cheeks, liver, tripe, kidneys etc..

Naturally, there is consistently some slight weight variation between individual products, no two steaks for example are ever exactly the same weight. Whilst it is convenient for us to price by fixed weight, in practice it may be difficult to hit the exact weight. We normally try and be over the stated weight wherever possible, but on occasion there may be a slight variance under, in which case we refund the difference.

Our online order service calculates an estimated cost of the product amounts ordered, based on the listed price per kilogram and the amount orderered. Providing an estimated cost simply allows for the rounding up or down of the individual product weights when a particular order is prepared.

Our Guarantee

Once we receive your order and prepare it, we guarantee that there will be no ‘surprise’ costs upon delivery.

To assist you with ordering amounts, we have provided the average weights of our individual products, together with the price per kilo. Please note that these are not necessarily the actual product weights. They act in this case as an ordering guide, the actual product ordered may not be exactly the same weight, although you will not be penalised for this.

Delivery Conditions

With the exception of prior arrangements, all orders we receive inside our free delivery zone between 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday are guaranteed next day delivery. For customers outside of this zone, we provide home delivery for orders over $150.

Note: Special delivery arrangements are available to our regular customers.

System abuse

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